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Mission and Philosophy




MVP Sports and Trailblazers Volleyball is dedicated to helping young female athletes in two ways.

  • We are dedicated to bringing unique, talented, and athletic girls ages 9-13 from all over our rural area to compete at their highest level while making new friends, and having fun playing volleyball.

  • We concentrate our efforts on helping young girls reach their highest athletic potential while growing into the game of volleyball.


Our Philosophy:


We believe that through athletics young girls can recognize their importance in themselves and recognize their importance to society. By learning to function and work as a group, within a team setting, young women learn what it means to be a team player and a team leader. We strive to help them understand who they are, and what they are capable of.

We have constant focus on positive attitude, positive image, and self value.


We are teams of individuals that work towards winning through:

A. Intensity and learning to be a more intense athlete in a fast paced, high stress game

B. Consistent focus on skill building

C. Enjoyment and life long fun from the sports that we participate in


Although the TBVC travel program ends at age 13. The girls and boys that play for TBVC don't have to stop their progress once they reach 14. We make recommendations for you to other programs and most (if not all) of our players move to a more advanced program with previous TBVC coaches that run new programs in the local area. They share the same philosophies and strenuous training practices as TBVC. Inquire for more details at for the future options for your child after age 14.


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