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Head Coach (12-15 U)
Johnathan BySura

Head coach of the 12-15 and Under Juniors.

My name is Johnathan BySura. I am the founder of MVP Sports, have been a teacher and coach for over 15 years, and have over 5 years experience coaching young girls softball in both Florida and Georgia. Having coached girls volleyball for almost 12 years in both Minnesota and Georgia at the middle school level my skills will help your daughter find a passion for the sport. My own interest in volleyball developed when I was young. By traveling all over the country to watch my youngest sister play in Junior Olympic Volleyball tournaments, my love for the game flourished. In college, I played collegiate club volleyball for Hiram College in Northeast Ohio for four years. I continued to be coached by my sister who went on to Clemson University to play Division 1 volleyball with the Tigers. In College, our mens team faced off in tournaments against major universities including Perdue, Ohio State, Oberlin, and Kent State, just to name a few.


Since that time, I have found every opportunity I could to keep playing this game. Softball and Baseball are also sports that I have found a deep interest in. I have 3 years of Head Varsity Softball coaching experience and over 8 years of middle school baseball coaching experience.  


My goal is for your daughter improve her skills through intensity and focus, develop a strong love for the game of volleyball, and of course, to have a lot of fun playing this game!


"Believe me, the reward is not so great without the struggle." ~ Wilma Rudolph

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